Band Bio

Mike Mammano, Joe Markko, Mykoman, Scott Simmons, Dave Tudor and Mike BaranRunning into each other on Craigslist, Mike Mammano and Joe Markko started writing music together in July, 2011. Following the dissolution of their first effort, Prevailing Scale, they co-founded Home Before Midnight® in 2015.

Joined that year by drummer, Mykoman, the three were convinced there could be a future for the music as they finished tracks for their first release, ‘Just Passing Through.‘ Securing the Domain name in 2015, they launched the band’s website on New Year’s Day, 2016 and finalized their Trademark in May, 2018.

Frustrated by the year-and-a-half search for musicians who could interpret their work, they were fortunate to discover a gem in Keyboard artist, Scott Simmons in July, 2017. The band’s first, full rehearsal took place at Cleveland’s Starsound Studios three weeks after Scott joined.

Auditioning many bass players over the years, the revolving door at the position was finally fixed by Dave Tudor in October, 2017. Dave’s wealth of experience with R&B, Funk and Blues helped him develop the fluid, driving Bass lines so important to HBM’s music.

Home Before Midnight is honored to have worked with the following musicians:

Drums – Jeff Wright, Justin Bellino and Ken Ross.
Bass – Jason Bellino, Jim Simandle, “Bill” and others.
Keys – Richard Rupert and Ken Ross.
Guitar – Thomas Mammano and Mike Baran


Copyrights by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, 2012-2018
all rights reserved.