Band Bio

mike1Mike Mammano started writing music in 1994 without a band or an outlet for his efforts. Taking advantage of “Open-Mic” nights around Cleveland, he ground out his craft for the next 10 years. Seeking guidance, input and critique from respected area musicians, he continued to develop his songwriting skills.

Partnering with fellow songwriter Joe Markko, the focus turned to a more collaborative style of writing, along with an emphasis on publishing and post-production work. Building his own recording capabilities, Mike started to experiment with “layering” guitars as he sought to develop a “sound” and style of his own.

jmThough performing with “combos,” School-orchestras and Marching Bands as a pre-teen, Joe Markko’s earliest recordings date back to a 1964 session at Chess Records in Chicago with neighborhood mates, The Treez. Recording in Chicago, Nashville and Cleveland, he’s recorded 7 albums since then. Partnering with Mike Mammano in 2012, Home Before Midnight provides the outlet for his current efforts.

Joe’s memoir, ‘When Someday Comes,’ [CreateSpace and Baker Books] was awarded Honorable Mention for the Best Autobiography of 2011 by the New York, London, New England and Hollywood Book Festivals and is currently available from Amazon. His other books and writings are available from his writing Blog, The Gathering Time.

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