Dave Tudor

Starting his musical journey in Jr. High, Dave Tudor’s formal training, as a Musician and Bassist, includes a year of Music Theory and Piano at the Cleveland Institute of Music. He’s always been “serious” about his craft.

Graduating from Cleveland’s John F. Kennedy High School he cut a mile-wide groove with his first group, Melody Rice, an Earth, Wind and Fire “copy” band. Playing with several of the top East-side bands during the 70’s and 80’s, Dave honed his skills playing R&B, Disco, Jazz and Funk in Dance Clubs all over Northeast Ohio.

Broadening his repertoire with country bands like Bottleneck, he then spent time with Cleveland area groups Check Point, State Road and Wanted: a Bon Jovi Tribute Band, among others. Dave’s technical knowledge, experience and skill levels are all, off the charts.

Also working as an Online session player, he collaborates with other recording musicians around the country.  You can hear some of his original music by visiting his Bandmix Page. Home Before Midnight is privileged to bring his powerful, driving grooves to the mix.