A Lady of Leisure

A Lady of Leisure


 I took the 6:10 down to Loserville,
just to hang out at the station;
‘til I saw a lady in a Coop Deville,
out on a road trip, a subsidized vacation, …….

She was lookin’ for a road-mate, with some drivin’ skills.

 I was squeezin’ my last quarter ‘til the eagle screamed,
layin’ low between my ambitions.
So I hung out my thumb and strange as it seems, ……
her Caddy braked hard, fortuitous condition.

She was a lady of leisure with a huge trust fund
and alimony times two or three;
She was fine and 50 and way too much fun,
kept sayin’ “all the best things in life are free.”

She was a Lady of Leisure.

She put it in cruse and laid down the rules
I could not believe my good fortune;
We pushed hard through the night
‘til we had Cleveland in sight,

every muscle in my body was feelin’ tortured.

 She stopped, got room, thought I’d sleep in the car,
things didn’t work out that way.
It was the best road trip of my life, by far, ……
that’s all, any gentleman, will ever say.

Well, there’s more to say but it would take all night,
we made it to L.A.
I’m now a man of leisure and her main delight, ……
at her beck and call, night and day.


Kingdom of the Running Man

Kingdom of the Running Man – It never seems to stop, “Rise and shine, hit your mark, another frazzled day.” It’s easy to fall into the hectic pace of a Rat-Race life. It’s also easy to lose our identity along the way. Escape!

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved.
Images licensed from Shutterstock.com