Caught Off Guard

Caught off Guard


If you find yourself just wandering
and hope seems all but gone,
one thing you can count on is
you’re really not alone.

So when you wake up in the mornin’
to take on another day,
you’ve got to make your mind up
you’re gonna take the better way.

So if you’re ever caught off guard
and nothing is going right,
stand up inside, swallow your pride,
and will yourself to fight.

Life has its surprises
but they very seldom stay.
One thing you can’t lose sight of is
the Sun is gonna shine on another day.


Ain't for the Money

Ain’t for the Money – Without meaning to sound “preachy,” our lyrics reveal the underlying belief that it’s more important to focus on the “inner man,” than to get caught up in the foolish notion that wealth will, somehow, bring us peace.

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved.
Image licensed from Shutterstock. com