Crystal Sky



The earth quakes, the mountains shake,
the gears never stop grinding.
Our Planet is ravaged,
her people are savaged,
we’re licking the hands that blind us.

As the air we share is burnin’ dry,
the whole world turns
under a Crystal Sky.

 Drilling wells, deep as Hell,
there is no end to ambition.
Rape the earth, hoard its worth,
without consequence or contrition.

But those wells will one day run dry
‘Cause the whole world turns,
under a Crystal Sky.

The water is foul, the dry winds howl
and people turn to prayer.
But the heavens are brass and there’s this ozone mess
Seems like, even God don’t care.

Meanwhile, time keeps rollin’ by
as the whole world groans,
under a Crystal Sky.

I don’t want to quarrel but there is a moral,
this world is ours to lose.
Help in some fashion, offer some passion
give back more than we’ve used.

I can hear all of Nature cry,
“The fabric is fragile,”
under a Crystal Sky.

 So we leave you with this final thought,
don’t let yourselves be sold or bought;
Whatever comes – live or die,
The whole world turns…
under a Crystal Sky.


So Over You

So Over You – Inspired by past relationships, we’ve included this song to “keep the Universe in Balance.” If you have a ‘Falling in Love’ song in your repertoire, then you’ve got to have a ‘breaking up’ song. It’s a Song-writer, By-law thing.

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko all rights reserved
Image licensed from Shutterstock. com