Just Passing Through

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I’m just passing through,
a Pilgrim in a Land of Storms.
I follow a distant light,
headed home to a distant shore.

I hold no possessions
that in time may hold me, back.
I hold no love in life
that might keep me from the Path.

If you were me or I were you,
I’d contemplate this notion,
we’re all Just Passing Through.

Some folks travelin’ in the dark,
tryin’ hard just to read the map.
But there’s a burnin’ lamp for my feet
and a clear light on my path.

The Road-Less-Traveled
is the one that’s traveled best.
The Wise Men say, as the Road unfolds,
the Pilgrim finds his rest.


A Lady of Leisure

A Lady of Leisure – Inspired by every wonderful woman “of a certain age,” this song is about a down-on-his-luck traveler who meets his muse on a cross-country road trip. Intended as a light-hearted look at unexpected love.

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved
Image licensed from Shutterstock.com