So Over You

So Over You


She treated me like a nickel in her ten cent world,
I had to throw away my dignity to please that girl.
[she threw my life into a whirl]

I was nothin’ but a plaything but I did not care,
I’d do just about anything to keep her there.
[Even laid my soul bare]

I once was your puppet but I’ve cut those strings
I’m done with your drama and all that it brings.
I once was your monkey; I danced to your tune
but baby I am so over you.

She’d fill up my inbox and burn up my phone
if I wasn’t there every time she called home.
[and she never let me alone]

I was crazy in love and she knew it too,
she took advantage of my madness, made me jump through hoops.
[the cost of lovin’ you]

Hear this lesson every man and boy,
never, ever love a woman who will steal your joy.
[steal your Boy-toy joy,]

Never be a prisoner in your own mind,
Never, ever let love make you stupid blind.
[we all heal with time]


12 Years of Rage

12 Years of Rage – Simply put, this is a War-protest. Inspired by the 12-year war in the Middle East, the ongoing refrain, “and in the end, nobody wins,” is a sentiment shared by most. One more voice in countless centuries of such musical laments.

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved.
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