Yesterday’s gone, a memory, a moment;
a whisper in time, spoken for me.
Today is a gift, live it with focus
But it’s Someday, Someday that’s callin’ to me.

Tomorrow’s a dream, happy and sad,
most folks want one, good or bad.
I believe there’s a day, beyond what we see
Someday, Someday is waiting for me.

There is a Someday waiting for me.

Someday I’ll be the man that I want to,
Someday I’ll marry and love me a wife;
Someday I’ll know just what truth is,
maybe I’ll understand my own life.

Someday I’ll find the key to my highway,
open my prison and set myself free;
Someday I’ll find peace in my valley,
Someday, Someday is waitin’ for me.

There is a Someday waiting for me.

Someday’s not found at the end of some rainbow,
wrapped up in muslin, sunshine and lace.
The promise it holds, offers a new hope,
giving us strength to get back in the Race.

Someday won’t come by wishin’ it so,
the more I learn, the less I know.
This much is certain, this much is clear,
Someday has come, Someday is here.


Caught off Guard

Caught off Guard“Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.” The core of this song suggest that, if life catches us off-Guard, “you’ve got to make your mind up,”  to take charge of our own lives and “take the better way.”  Can’t give up!

Copyright 2016 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved
Images licensed from Shutterstock. com