Adrift on the Wind

Album 2: Adrift on the WindHome Before Midnight
Adrift on the Wind

Liner Notes:

Risk! The creation of music, indeed, the creation of all art, involves the element of risk. That’s because our “Art” exposes us as genuine or pretender, as “wannabe” or never was. Art begs to be seen or heard, to capture our imaginations and transport us somewhere outside the moment. Believing that our scribblings have anything to do with Art is an incurable malady, shared by musicians and songwriters since Primal Man first rocked-out catchy “Beats” on hollow logs.

Art begins as a living, emotional impulse, awakened in the mind of its creator, communicated via light, air or touch, finally re-assembling itself as the same emotional impulse in the mind of engaged senses. That’s the “Magic” of Art, the power of Music; it captures our restless thinking.

While it’s “risky” saying such things, ‘Adrift on the Wind’ is our collection of old brushes on new palettes; it’s our “art;” it’s what we bring to the table. Though time may prove the results to be nothing more than dreamers catering to their delusions, as long as people “bob they heads,” tap their toes or contemplate the lyrics, they’ll provide testimony to a living impulse and justify our pretentious notions.  [Home Before Midnight]

Currently in production:

Madmen in the Temple

Voices in my Head
All Things Fade
Lost to Love
Nobody’s Fool
All of my Life
Heaven Only Knows
Once in a While
Only Knew Her Name
Forgiveness is Right
Adrift on the Wind

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Copyrights © 2015-2017 by Mike Mammano and Joe Markko, all rights reserved.
ASCAP Songwriters and Publishers.

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