MykoMan has been called an Internet “phenom” with four online albums to his credit. He’s also been a Featured Artist of the Week on Reverbnation and, where he’s had numerous Top 10 tracks, voted on by his songwriter peers, producers and a panel of judges.

MykoMan’s song list is diverse, earning his music the number one status in a variety of categories on He has successfully licensed his music for recordings, TV shows and films. In addition to writing, MykoMan is a multi-faceted performer as a lead vocalist and drummer on his songs and various bands in the Northeast, Ohio region.

Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, MykoMan started playing guitar at age five but soon flipped the instrument over and started beating out rhythms. When he got the drum kit he dearly wished for as a Christmas gift a few years later, he “… sat down at the set, in front of the console stereo, and played all day. I remember my hands being bloody that night. I was hooked,” he recalls.

Traveling through Tennessee, Nevada and Hawaii, MykoMan first began playing professionally in central Missouri and has since performed in groups playing rock, metal, grunge, blues, R&B, polka and other styles in the Carolinas, Ohio and beyond. For more info on Myko and his online services, please visit his website at

“I am thrilled to be a part of “Home Before Midnight” and have a great time with these guys. All are great people and artists and it is a pleasure to perform the music and hang”! MykoMan