Scott Simmons

Classically trained as a pianist from age six, Scott Simmons was accepted as a student by Canada’s Royal Conservatory of Music, starting his life-long love affair with the creative process of crafting songs.

At 14 he attended a party, ostensibly, “to meet girls,” but was distracted by the sound of music coming from the upstairs room. Following  his ears, Scott had his world rocked when he saw two musicians using synthesizers and a drum machine. Amazed by everything they did, and the sounds they could make, his one focus became to buy his own synth.

Travelling two hours to Ottawa by Greyhound and City Buses, Scott fell in love with the wall of keyboards he found in Steve’s Music Store, eventually getting a job there to save up for his own. Carrying his new gear on his lap, he made the same, two-hour bus trip home, slipping the Driver an extra $10 to get dropped off closer to his house.

Through High School he played keys with the group Point Blank, playing as regulars in the Hotel Ballrooms lining the Ottawa River between Ontario and Quebec. Following High School, Scott responded to a life-long impulse to “make a mark in music” and enrolled as a Music Major at Carleton University in Ottawa.

Moving to Ohio at 27, he met a local musician who re-sparked the fire and got him interested in the local music scene. Playing with a few cover bands in the area, he finally settled in for a 7-year stretch with the Medina, Ohio band, 28 Daze.

Scott’s driving desire to be able to compose, as part of an original music project, is what attracted him to Home Before Midnight. Drawn to what he describes as “intelligent music with talented musicians,” and inspired by the possibility of echoing some of Jon Lord’s “power 5ths,” Scott’s skills make his contributions an integral part of the diverse sound palette that is Home Before Midnight.