What they’re saying: [ReverbNation Crowd Reviews, October, 2018]

“Excellent group with complex arrangements, exciting guitar riffs and passionate lyrics from a surprising band of experienced musicians. It gives me a sense of nostalgia and inspiration.“

“Some great musicianship, great groove and energy. I would love to rock to this live. Great dynamics.”

“Strong instrumentals, good vocals and interesting lyrics make their music work, and connect, with me as a listener.”

“This reminds me of the older Rock-era. Fantastic! I love the music!”

“Kind of reminds me of Guns and Roses meets Bob Dylan.”

“Brings back all the good memories of mid-eighties rock and the transition into the grunge movement of the nineties. Instrumentals work well with the vocals and production values shine through.”

“The music has several complex levels that take one on a journey of musical delight.”

“The music is always stepping up to a more powerful emotion.”

“Sounds like a mix of Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Van Halen.”

“Powerful energy in their music that just seems to drive it forward.”

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