Home Before Midnight

Home Before Midnight® is a unique collaboration of Northeast Ohio music veterans intent on blending Blues, Jazz, Funk and Classical into its own Rock ‘n Roll voice. Featuring “infectious grooves,” their song-list hints at a true fusion of styles and influences, as lyrically strong as it is musically ambitious.

Writing together since 2011, HBM’s live performances emphasize power, precision and a strong, positive energy that inspires listeners to jump into the groove with them. Bassist Dave Tudor, Keyboardist Scott Simmons, Guitarists Mike Mammano and Kevin Weinbrecht, Drummer Mykoman and Vocalist Joe Markko bring a Masterful blend of musical skills to every performance.

Each of the Band’s six members has a strong history of performing and recording that includes national tours, television, radio and eight recorded albums between them. Called, “a marriage of Deep Purple and Steely Dan,” the music represents a true fusion of styles and influences.

CDs of their first album, ‘Just Passing Through,’ are available from Amazon and Downloads from all major online retailers. The band’s second album, ‘Adrift on the Wind,’ is now in production. Please see our ‘Music Page’ for details and thank you for listening to the music of Home Before Midnight.

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