Home Before Midnight®

Home Before Midnight®
is a unique online, collaboration of Northeast Ohio music veterans, writing and recording during the Pandemic of 2020. Working out of their own, Home “Studios,” the tracks were all compiled, mixed and Mastered by HBM musicians. 

A true “passion project” and creative outlet, most of the participants are members of well-known Regional bands playing regularly at venues throughout Ohio and surrounding States. With decades of recording and National Tours between them, project members are compiling a fresh list of “New music from the North Coast.” The project’s first compilation,  “Just Passing Through,”  was released in 2016 and is available from Amazon.

Home Before Midnight 2.0: Drums, Mykoman Lawrence; Bass, Dave Tudor; Guitar, Kevin Weinbrecht; Vocals, Joe Markko; Keys, Chris Hengoed.

Reverb Nation Crowd Reviews: 2018

“Excellent group with complex arrangements, exciting guitar riffs and passionate lyrics from a surprising band of experienced musicians. It gives me a sense of nostalgia and inspiration.“

“Some great musicianship, great groove and energy. I would love to rock to this live. Great dynamics.”

“Strong instrumentals, good vocals and interesting lyrics make their music work, and connect, with me as a listener.”

“The music is always stepping up to a more powerful emotion.”

“Powerful energy in their music that just seems to drive it forward.”

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