Home Before Midnight


Feeling something like a squirrel who just realized winter might be closer than he’d first imagined, I find myself attempting to corral the random and fragmented bits of my personal evolution from as many sources as may be remembered.

Providing a digital scrapbook for an old man’s hobbies, this rest-stop in the Datasphere offers a means to collect my thoughts, formalize my moments and editorialize about issues that push my buttons or light my darkness. Somewhere between a Confessional and Wittenburg’s Door, I trust that visitors will find value, somewhere, on these pages.

“Music is part of my D.N.A.” Formally trained in four instruments by age 12, Joe Markko picked up a guitar at 13 and immediately made it his instrument of choice.

Since then, he’s recorded at RCA in Nashville, Chess Records in Chicago and Cleveland Recording. Copyrighting 60+ songs, and releasing 6 albums along the way, a few of his songs have been covered by musicians as  notable as Dan Auerbach [Black Keys], Joe Walsh [Eagles] and Mr. Glenn Schwartz [PG&E and the All Saved Freak Band].   [ more….. ]

JOE MARKKO is widely recognized as one of America’s earliest pioneers in a distinct sub-category of Rock ‘n Roll, Contemporary Christian Music. The author of seven books, including biographies of ancient Hebraic heroes and a discourse on the person of God, he draws from a life unusually rich in experience and tragedy.

Described as “brutally honest,” the work of this former musician, stoner, pastor, church builder, father and failure remains intensely hopeful, intensely personal. His Memoir, ‘When Someday Comes,’ received International recognition in 2011 when it was awarded [ more…. ]

Providing room for historical observations, tongue-in-cheek commentaries or consolation for those grieving, the Essays cover a broad range of topics that lend themselves to flights of Editorial fancy. Giving vent to passions and pet peeves, they should all be read with the proverbial “grain of salt.”  [ more…. ]

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