The Treez, 2017: Bill Oleksy, Ray Foster, Val Fuentes, Dale Mandel, Joe Markko.

The Treez, 1963-1965

Though performing with “combos,” School-orchestras and Marching Bands as a pre-teen, his earliest recordings date back to a 1964 session at Chess Records in Chicago with the group, the Treez.

Formed by neighborhood friends on Chicago’s North-side, they were a true “Boy Band” of 15 and 16 year olds. Signed by Harlequin Records in 1964, their single, “You Lied to me Before,” launched the group into “regional band” status on Chicago radio.

ASFB: Ed Durkos, Carole King, Morgan King, Joe Markko, Norris McClure, Tom Eritano

The All Saved Freak Band, 1968-1979

Widely recognized as one of the earliest Pioneers of Contemporary Christian Music, Joe co-founded the now “legendary” group, the All Saved Freak Band. With lead-guitarist, Glenn Schwartz, formerly of the James Gang and Pacific, Gas and Electric, Joe and fellow band members recorded 4 albums now recognized as “Classics” in that genre.

Joe’s music has been covered around the country, most recently by Dan Auerbach [Black Keys], Joe Walsh [Eagles] and Glenn Schwartz at Easy Eye Recording in Nashville. Some of his ASFB recordings have also been used in Documentaries [Frisbee: The Life and Death of a Hippie Preacher, 2005] and his song, ‘My Poor Generation’ has been licensed by Tompkin Square Records. For more music and information visit

Cover from the ‘Troubled Planter Project’ completed in 2004.

The Troubled Planet Project, 2000-2004

The Troubled Planet Project took three years to record and was an experiment at every level. Using a Kurzweil K2600 Production Unit, and a library of .WAV files, Joe recorded every track himself. Focused on writing music that would challenge him, the impulse to layer different styles and genres on top of each other also gave birth to some of his most compelling lyrics.


Home Before Midnight, 2018; Mykoman Lawrence, Mike Mammano, Joe Markko, Scott Simmons, Dave Tudor.

Home Before Midnight, 2016-2019.

Formed with writing partner, Mr. Mike Mammano in 2016, Home Before Midnight® wrote and recorded enough material for two albums. Just Passing Through,” dedicated to life-long friend, Mr. Glenn Schwartz, was released in 2016. Disbanding the group in 2019, Joe continues to write and record as part of an online collaboration under the same name as an ASCAP registered Composer and Publisher.

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