Home Before Midnight: Just Passing ThroughHome Before Midnight:
Just Passing Through


“After several years of failed attempts at building a band, we remained convinced that what we were writing had value. We could spend our money to record one album at a ‘Proper’ Studio, or we could gather the gear and training that would allow us to record several, ‘Proper’ albums over time. Being ‘Po’ Boys,’ we opted for the latter and embraced the Learning Curve.

Back cover: Just Passing ThroughA celebration of perseverance, the 11 songs selected for ‘Just Passing Through,’ were recorded, mixed and Mastered by the two of us. Doing our best to preserve tracks from old ADAT Tapes, recorded under poor conditions as early as 2011, we also had to convert our analog habits to a Digital mindset. We hope the music itself will make up for our ‘First-Generation effort’ at producing and cataloging our own material.

Benefiting from the patient assistance of local musicians who were able to help ‘flesh out’ our vision, we’ve finally been able to bring the project to life. We make no claim to being Audio Engineers or musical virtuosos. We’re songwriters, developing our craft and sharing it with friends using the tools of a Digital Age. Sincere thanks for taking the time to listen to the music of Home Before Midnight.” [Mike Mammano and Joe Markko]

Guitars, Mike Mammano; Bass, Jason Bellino, Joe Markko; Keys, Richard Ruppert; Drums, “Mykoman” Lawrence, Ken Ross; Vocals, Joe Markko. Guest Guitarists, Thomas Mammano for ‘Kingdom of the Running Man‘ and Mr. Glenn Schwartz for ‘Just Passing Through.’

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  1. Very good CD. For some reason the vocalist reminds me of the singer for Cactus. I especially liked Ain’t for the Money and Kingdom of the Running Man. Mike’s guitaring is great.

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