Hans Christian Andersen wrote, “Life is like a beautiful melody, only the lyrics are messed up.” For those to whom words are important, we offer the lyrical content of ‘Just Passing Through.’ Please click on any of the links below for the words to our songs.

Lovin' Every Minute

Lovin’ Every Minute“Life is best lived by those who live best with what life brings.” [Lincoln] Regardless of the opinions of others or the circumstances of life, there’s always reason to celebrate living. “Life is always on time and brings an empty slate,” is the recurring theme of ‘Lovin’ Every Minute.’ We encourage you to live life as the Grand Adventure it’s designed to be.

Falling in Love

Falling in Love – Love doesn’t beat down doors, it taps lightly, moves in and then rearranges the furniture. ‘Falling in Love’ is about a common man who loved above his status in life and for whom love changed everything. “She was Sunshine, I was shady. We met in a shadow somewhere in between.”

SomedaySomeday“Procrastination is my sin, it brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I must deal with it, in fact, I will, tomorrow.” The point of the song suggests that the mythical, “Someday” is right now, encouraging us to take advantage of our opportunities.

Caught off Guard

Caught off Guard“Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.” The core of this song suggest that, if life catches us off-Guard, “you’ve got to make your mind up,”  to take charge of our own lives and “take the better way.”

Ain't for the Money

Ain’t for the Money – Without meaning to sound “preachy,” our lyrics reveal the underlying belief that it’s more important to focus on the “inner man,” than to get caught up in the foolish notion that wealth will, somehow, bring us peace.

Crystal Sky

Crystal Sky – Socially-conscious lyrics are nothing new to Rock ‘n Roll. Expressing a personal responsibility to minimize our negative impact on the environment, ‘Crystal Sky’ is a reminder that “the fabric is fragile,” and that everyone is capable of giving back more than we use.

So Over You

So Over You – Inspired by past relationships, we’ve included this song to “keep the Universe in Balance.” If you have a ‘Falling in Love’ song in your repertoire, then you’ve got to have a ‘breaking up’ song. It’s a Song-writer, By-law thing.

12 Years of Rage

12 Years of Rage – In simplest terms, this is a War-protest. Inspired by the 12-year war in the Middle East, the ongoing refrain, “and in the end, nobody wins,” is a sentiment shared by most. One more voice in many centuries of musical laments.

Back cover imageJust Passing Through – Written with longtime friend and guitarist, Glenn Schwartz, in mind, our reach may have exceeded our grasp in this tune. Inspired by Sergei Prokofiev’s, Peter and the Wolf, the Lead Guitar track is intended to represent the “Pilgrim” of the song even as instruments of the orchestra portrayed the characters of that 1936 Children’s Symphony.

A Lady of Leisure

A Lady of Leisure – Inspired by every wonderful woman “of a certain age,” this song is about a down-on-his-luck traveler who meets his muse on a cross-country road trip. Intended as a light-hearted look at unexpected love.

Kingdom of the Running Man

Kingdom of the Running Man – It never seems to stop, “Rise and shine, hit your mark, another frazzled day.” It’s easy to fall into the hectic pace of a Rat-Race life. It’s also easy to lose our identity along the way. Escape!

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